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Meet the Staff

Harvey Moldofsky MD., FRCPC
Medical Director
James MacFarlane PhD., ABSM
Lab Director
Carol Mously Bsc., RPsgT.
Lab Manager

Consulting Staff:

Victor Hoffstein MD, PhD., FRCPC. - Respirology
Patrck Hanly MD., FRCPC., ABSM - Respirology
Ken Chapman MD., FRCPC. - Respirology
Ian MacLusky MD., FRCPC. - Pediatric Respirology
Shelly Weiss MD., FRCPC. - Pediatric Neurology
Otto Veidlinger MD., FRCPC. - Neurology
Sidney Radomski MD., FRCPC. - Urology
W.J. Reynolds MD., FRCPC. - Rheumatology

Technical Staff:

Irene Bowen BA, RPsgT
Tim Braund RRT, RPsgT
Baoguo Chu MD, RPsgT
Maria Cesta BA, RPsgT
Sung Hong RPsgT
Lisa Johnston BA
Ika Tatourian PhD, RPsgT

Research Staff:

Angela Cesta MSc, RPsgT
Wah Ping Luk


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