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Research and Education

The staff of the Centre is able to provide exemplary care to our patients because of our commitment over the past 40 years to advancing knowledge on the understanding of the fundamental operations of the sleep/waking brain and their effects on the functioning of our mind and body in health and disease. Our research activities in medical and neuro-psychiatirc disorders have been funded through national and international government agencies, the pharmaceutical industry, and the affiliated not-for-profit Toronto Psychiatric Research Foundation.

Through our financial contributions to the Dr. Harvey Moldofsky Scholarship for Psychiatric/Neuroscience Research we are committed to the future advancement of scientific knowledge by supporting the neuroscience and psychiatric research interests of medical students of the University of Toronto. Since its inauguration in 1989, the Faculty of Medicine Council of the University of Toronto has granted this award to selected undergraduate medical students on the recommendation of the Undergraduate Awards Committee.

Your financial contributions to the Toronto Psychiatric Research Foundation (for more information click here) and the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine Dr. Harvey Moldofsky Scholarship for Psychiatric/Neuroscience Research (for more information click here) will help to assure future health care benefits for those afflicted with brain/behavioural disorders.


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