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     Centre for Sleep and Chronobiology Inc.



Our goal is to provide comprehensive services to physicians and their patients experiencing sleep/wakefulness disorders.

The Patients We Assess Are:

  • Children
  • Young Adults/ Students
  • Mature Adults
  • Elderly

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Multidisciplinary patient assessment
  • Upon referring physicians request we provide:
    • Sleep Study only
    • Sleep Study and Consultation
    • Consultation only
  • Results of the sleep study are provided to the referring physician in a clear useful format
  • Patients with potentially disabling sleep disorders are prioritized for rapid clinical assessment and recommendations for management
  • Detailed explanation is provided to the patient of the results, diagnosis and recommendations for management
  • Follow-up assessments and care are provided as required

The Professionals We Serve:

  • Family physicians
  • Medical, Psychiatric and Surgical Specialists
  • Insurance Carriers
  • Lawyers
  • Industry
  • Sleep medical specialists from other diagnostic sleep labs
Our community-based sleep facilities are approved by the College of Physicians of Surgeons of Ontario in accordance to the Independent Health Facility Act of Ontario, and are licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Health & Long term care.


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