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Welcome to our Facility

The Centre offers diagnostic and treatment services for patients' with various sleep-related medical disorders.
The Centre serves as the focus for fundamental and clinical research on biologic rhythms, sleep-wake physiology, and their roles as determinants to health and disease.
It also provides professional, technical, industrial/government, and public educational programs.


  • To provide exemplary diagnostic and clinical services to all patients presenting with sleep-related disorders.

  • To develop more effective, safe and efficient treatments for sleep-related medical and psychiatric disorders.

  • To advance our understanding of the contribution of sleep/wake – related disorders to medical and psychiatric illness.

Sleep Clinics Services

The first Canadian comprehensive sleep disorders clinic has two locations to better service physicians and patients from central Toronto and Suburban Metro Toronto/Southern Ontario:

Downtown Toronto: College St.Clinic site: click here!

North Toronto: Wilson Ave. Clinic site: click here!

Lab Manager

College Clinic - Kevan Brott, BSc., RPSGT

Wilson Clinic - Rhondda Li, BSc., RPSGT

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Dr. Harvey Moldofsky

Dr. H. Moldofsky MD FRCPC
President and Medical Director
Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
















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