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As of September 1, 2000 the new location of the Sleep Disorders Clinic of the Centre for Sleep and Chronobiology, formerly at the Toronto Western Hospital, is at 340 College Street, Suite 580, Toronto Ont. M5T 3A9. Our new phone number is: 416-603-9531. Our FAX is 416-603-2388. Press here for the map of the location of the College Site, between Bathurst St. and Spadina Ave.

In order to better serve you, we are happy to announce the opening of our Weston Sleep Disorders Clinic at 3492 Weston Road, Toronto M9M 2W1. The phone number for the Weston site is 416-746-3012. The fax for the Weston site is 416-746- 7016. Press here for the map of the location of the Weston Site at the south west corner of Weston Rd. and Finch Ave.






We hope that this section provides you with most of the questions about sleep and your sleep study. If you have specific questions that you wish to address, please use our standard feedback form to make the request.


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