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SCHEDULE (2000 - 2001)

topic and abstract
Sept. 22
Insomnia: Morbidity & Management
Dr. Thomas Roth
(Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit)
Presentation & discussion
Sept. 29
The Placebo Effect: Ethical Issues
Dr. H. Moldofsky
Presentation & Discussion
Oct. 6
RLS/PLMS - Mirapex and beyond:
A new approach for management

Patient interview & discussion
J. MacFarlane, A. Cesta, O. Veidlinger
Oct. 13
Lab accreditation:
Where are we!?
Where are we going?!

Presentation and discussion
Dr. Michael Hawke
Oct. 20
Refractory Daytime Sleepiness
Patient interview & discussion
P. Hanly
Oct. 27
Sensory Perception
and Nociception during Sleep

Dr. Gilles Lavigne
(University of Montreal)
Presentation and discussion
Nov. 3
Disordered Sleep in
End Stage Renal Disease
and Its Management

Patient interview & discussion
H. Moldofsky
Nov. 10
Slumber Dialysis:
Impact on Sleep Apnea
in Chronic Renal Failure

Presentation & discussion
P. Hanly
Nov. 17
OTC products for sleep:
What should we be telling patients? Presentation & discussion
J. MacFarlane
Nov. 24
The impact of 10 and 12 hour shifts on performance and health
Presentation & discussion
R. Heslegrave
Dec. 1

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