Mailing List (LISTBOT) for

Download Instructions

go to:

Email (UserName): XXXXX

Password: XXXXXX

A. to and go to the OWNER LOGIN section.

B. type in your EMAIL and PASSWORD

C. This is what your LOG-IN area looks like.

  1. FIRST TIMER – click here to learn how to use ListBot  (SEE D below)
    (gives you an idea on how to manage your mailing list in general)
  2. Send Message – instructions on how to send messages
  3. Customize List Messages – what message do you want people to read when they are subscribing to your mailing list (please append ASAP)
  4. View Members – e-mail list of members that have joined your mailing list

D. List Owners Newbie Guide (getting started)

E. Buy Kevin a mocha-chiller!

That’s it!