Continuing Education

Continuing Education in Sleep Medicine at the Centre, will include the following:

1)   CME Events
        i)     The Intersection of Sleep, Pain &  Mood:
               Implications for Diagnosis &  Management 

                full day course at the Canadian Psychiatric 
               Association Meeting in Montreal; November 16, 2001.
Course Director: Dr. J. G.. MacFarlane
         ii)    Sleep-Wake Problems in the Elderly
                full day course at The Mount Sinai Hospital Auditorium;
               March 2, 2002.  Course Director: Dr. J. G.. MacFarlane

APSS Meeting
             June 2002 - TBA
2)   Technical Training Programmes
        We offer 2-week training programmes for individuals 
        who want to work as polysomnographic technicians or
        those wanting to upgrade their skills in anticipation of
        writing the RPsgT exam.  Next course is scheduled to            
November 19, 2001

3)   On-Site Training Programmes
        We will also come to your lab and do on-site training. We
        bring all equipment, presentations, handouts, etc.  The  
        duration  and scheduling of the programmes is tailored to the 
        individual  needs of the sleep lab.

4)   IHF Pre-inspection or Upgrade Programmes
       This programme is designed to help your lab prepare for IHF 
        inspection.  We will review all aspects of the laboratory 
       operation, and then provide a complete report.  We can 
       assist  with remedial training, questionnaires, administration
       and  policy & procedural manuals, where  required.      

5)  Training Programmes for Industry
       We will design educational programmes tailored to the needs
       of a company or group interested in Sleep Disorders  
       Medicine. This would include marketing, R & D, and   
       administrative staff.  This can be done on-site or in our 
       laboratory facility.

6)  Sleep Medicine Rounds
       Not offered for 2001/2002

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